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On August 19 a fire occurred in the business next door to the WashStop. Smoke filled the store until one could not see two feet in front of them. All customers in the store at the time evacuated safely and there were no injuries.
All the ceiling tiles, lights, fans, duct work and interior drywall have been removed so workers can thoroughly clean the entire business. Unfortunately this will take some time to complete.
We were originally told it would take about two months to get everything ready to reopen. However it is taking much longer and we sincerely apologize to our great customers.
We are just now able to start putting things back together but it is now estimated to be mid to late December before all is ready.
We are now replacing ALL of the washers and dryers with new equipment including additional LARGE WASHERS and DRYERS and a new card system that allows credit card transactions.

If you need to contact us please call 215-362-7700 and leave a message and someone will return your call.