WashStop Laundry Center

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The WashStop Laundry is a full service, fully attended, self service Laundromat. Located in the Allen-Forge Shopping Center on Valley Forge Road (at Allentown Road) in Lansdale, PA., the store is air conditioned and smoke free.

Using our large capacity washers and dryers saves you time and money. All of your laundry can be started at the same time greatly reducing the time it would take over using a home washer with many small loads. Our front-load washers are more gentle on your clothes (no agitator pulling your clothes back and forth) and they clean your clothes much better than a top-load washer. All of the front-load washers have one wash and two rinse cycles and you are helping conserve our natural resources because these washers do a better job while using much LESS water than your home style top load washer.

The attendants are helpful and courteous and available for wash-dry-and-fold service. There are two large screen TV’s with cable service and a kids area